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Volunteers are characterized by vital people with concerns, wanting to know other cultures, caring, responsible, empathetic, good interpersonal skills, teamwork ability, cooperation, creativity and awareness for other people.


What does being RASA Joven Volunteering?

Volunteering, expresses a deep sensitivity and concern for human life, characterized by a task or activity performed nonprofit, free of charge and with no ties or contractual liability, which includes commitments and activities of general interest to the population, including care activities, social services, development cooperation and other tending to the common good.


Who can be a volunteer?

Not ask specific requirements or you have experience, but tr tied to adapt your profile to the project. They can engage people of 18-65 years of any profession. No matter the age. Need to be adaptive and flexible attitude, positive and open.


When I can go?

The participation can be performed at any time of year. The dates the elig is you.
The minimum stay is that we consider a week, not that I pretend to set dates or limits to your help, but we believe it is the minimum time you need to know the reality of these children, their environment, their needs, and each them. However, we recommend a month to get involved and enjoy this experience, but we understand that sometimes it is not possible for various reasons, so long as you want to dedicate to our project will be helpful, we appreciate your initiative, enthusiasm and willingness to work.


What is the experience?

Being part of a project   International volunteering is a unique experience, You can participate in our projects,  on a volunteer doing activities with children / as in social risk, com from your experience with other fellow volunteers, soak up the culture and way of life of the country, live in a   completely different social reality, discover fascinating places   y and interact with people from everywhere. A life experience that will change your way of seeing and understanding the world.
It is not conventional holiday, but a   huge personal challenge. An experience that can sometimes be tough but highly rewarding in which not only helps others, but you discover yourself.



The work done here is to support the teacher, will be in charge of a group of children from 3-7 years where she lead her on in their work to develop, you can also do sports workshops, art ... I mean all kinds of workshops That depends on the creativity and ideas of volunteers, every idea is welcome, we are happy. That is the volunteer will be a   friend helping with homework, teach new skills, play with them, and supports them in other school subjects.
The aim is through alternative schools to meet the educational needs of school-age children of 3-6 years, which the government considered mandatory but poorer communities can not be held responsible for their delivery or and resource investing. Par Wood Shed it covers those needs by giving official status to the education provided.
Needed: For this project, the volunteer must be very patient with children, often children who need your love and affection are unresponsive and unwieldy. Patience to work and play of children, understanding that reality that meet daily is hard and difficult, yet in school they never lack that smile and a desire to give you all her love.
The working hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 12:0 0 pm. This is the time we are with them at school. The work is done Monday through Friday, so you have free weekends and evenings, you can use this time to relax, read, go to the different tourist attractions in the area, excursions ... you want. Also if you want can choose her afternoons 15:00 to 17:00 paya help tutoring tasks for those children / as they have no physical location in your home to perform such tasks.
We ask a contribution of 270 euros a month, or proportional to your stay : Includes:
• Single or shared
• Kitchen
• Three meals a day, Monday through Friday
• Housekeeper
• Other expenses (wireless internet access .....)


Want to volunteer? Did you thinking? Do not know what to do?

We suggest 5 simple steps to help you realize a decision. Are just that, steps in a way you should go yourself, consciously, knowing what you do, knowing where you go.

Keywords that will help you be a good volunteer

THINK about your motives, your reasons for becoming a volunteer What moves you?
LOOK around What needs, what problems, what joint action initiatives exist in your environment?
ASSESS your availability, your skills, your interests What can you do?
MAKING CONTACT with Organizations Voluntary Action in your environment, learn, line up, particular your commitment. How, where, when, going to work?
PARTICIPATE, works, works ... in your project and volunteering in your organization.


If you want to volunteer now, please contact us at email: and we will respond to coordinate your trip