Search for Economic Independence and rights of our women

RASA Joven

General objective:

Land Acquisition and Management to implement the hostel for young mothers abandoned in Huanchaquito sector Alto District of Huanchaco.
This year we carry out ongoing activities to generate funds, contributions of individual volunteers and some local businesses, thanks to your support is beginning to the operation of the project.


Specific objectives:

The construction of a training center and hostel for teenage mothers abandoned, would be the only of its kind that we would have in the Region, not only the shelter, but also educated in full, qualification for the work and articulates society in better condition.


Activities of the association this year:

Efforts and activities to generate funds for start construction of prefabricated modules Hostel production workshops for mothers. participation and strengthening of public spaces to redefine and defending the role of women in La Libertad. (REPROSALUD) (FOROSALUD).

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